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Jay David recently shared how the recording of " Carry Me , Carrie " came about :
" .. . Dennis and I , being from the inner cities of New Jersey (Landfill of Opportunity), truly identified with this guy ... had it not been for circumstance and some very forgiving angels, it very well COULD have been us! So, while on the road, as soon as Shel sent us the song, we went into Columbia Studios in Chicago, recorded it the same afternoon George Wallace got shot.The process, for those of you who are interested in such matters was this:

Dennis played acoustic guitar & I played the drums as the backbone of what we were to do later ... then either Jance or Dennis laid down the bass track while I put down the acoustic piano.

Then, Dennis recorded the lead vocal (if he nailed it in the 1st take, as he often did, then that was the one we went with ... also while I'm thinking about it, the acoustic guitar-drum backbone tracks were most often the first or at most, the 2nd takes. He and I worked extremely well together,and we always laid the tracks this way.

He and I used to laugh about it, telling everyone that the reason we worked so fast together, was that either we were late for something or someone was after us!! Anyway,at that point, Ray , Dennis and I went in and laid down the background vocals, doubled them, then Rik put the lead guitar down.

The beginning of the ending, occurred to me while listening back; thats why you hear everything drop out except Dennis and the acoustic, then he screams "Carry Me!!" and my piano answers him, then I brought the whole ensemble in on a crescendo, and at that point, everyone is balls out with our 3 voices answering Dennis's lead right up to the very end when you hear us sing "You Got To Carry Meeeeeee!!!"

End of song end of record .

What surprised me was that it wasn't a hit, but after snivelling for 3:36 or so on "Sylvia's Mother", I guessed singing about a Bowery human tragedy kind of confused the 14 year olds. But I'll always love it, and thought you might want to know the actual genesis of how it was born. Love to all, Jay "

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