On the way to the bottom
I met an ole friend of mine.
He said "Buddy, I do believe
This is the end of the line".
I said, "The end of the line...
Shoot, come on and have another round,
And if we're headin' for the bottom,
We still got a long way down."
On the way to the bottom
We make a lot of stops,
And we'd meet a lot of fools
Just a bustin' their hearts
On the way to the top.
Pass me another bottle
And turn down the lights.
Forget about tomorrow, baby.
We're gonna rumble tonight.
I'll wear my low-heeled boots.
You wear your taffeta gown,
And if we're heading for the bottom,
We'll go laughing all the way down.
On the way to the bottom
I met an ol' girl of mine.
She said, "Honey, I'm scared.
Won't you love me one more time?"
I said, "One more time?
Shoot, about a million more?"
We had a whole lotta loving
And a whole lot more in store.

Words & Music by
Shel Silverstein and Ray Sawyer