Wups .

A mixture of song by Dennis & the band and whining talk by Billy !

Can't cus - I forgot about that so I can't do that no more .
Thers always somethin' . . Can't do one thing . . I can't do this ,
. . I can't open my mouth . . I can't talk .Whaddaya mean I can . . .?
Only time I . . . you really get to me , man , I swear it ,
you really do . . . sometime you raelly screw up . . . we go to the airport
. . I drive all the time man , you don't know nothin' about it . .

I get a whole different impression of you
Well , who the heck wouldn't man ,
if someone done the things like you do all the time
Whenever I do wups .
. .oh and it don't work so I have to fix that and slice my hand . .
I get a whole different impression of you
Well I would too man , but won't you listen to me one time . I usually
do things for you , right ?

Whenever I do wups .

Let me do it , OK . .It's my time  , right ?
Cos if I'm emotional
I can't be emotional - not now man !
I know you'll walk with me
and if I'm converstional
Who's conversational , man? Just 'cos I wanna talk to somebody . .
I know you'll talk to me
I'll talk  . .. .you wanna talk to me , right . .
But when I'm straight
I'm straight now . . can't you understand what I'm sayin' ?
don't you know it can't wait .
Well I can't either !Come on !

I get a whole different impression of you
Who wouldn't man . . I get different impressions of you to , man . . .
Whenever I . . .
Whenever I . . .
Whenever I do wups .

. .just say it ! I'll go man ! I'll get my stet and go ! I'll split !
I want all of you to hear it and I want you to pay some attention to
me for once in a while . .you dig it ? . . you too Ron !
Ev'ry now and then you don't listen to me , right ? But then you say
"Oh I heard outta the corner of my ear but I thought it was somebody else
but it was really Bill . . it was really Bill" You dig it ?
Just like it was when I said . . that other tune , what was it ?
'bout the broad sittin' in the bar . .I said that was gonna be a hit
and it was and people still record it .Every time I say somethin' why can't
you listen . . I know your plan , man I know how it works...
you sat Oh-Ohh , but two months later I thought of that .

If anyone can offer any better transcription of Billy's paranoia - please  e-mail me !

Words & Music by
Dennis Locoorriere
&Billy Francis