Make It Easy

Make it easy on yourself , girl .
If you're going simply go.
Don't cry and carry on.
Where the lovin's really gone
Lord , I guess we'll never know .

But I don't need you to tell me
how you found somebody else .
There ain't nothin' right to say,
touch my hand and walk away
and make it easy on yourself .

Make it easy
make believe it wasn't very much at all .
Make it just another memory
that some far and distant day you may recall .

Don't you worry 'bout me darlin' .
You know I'll always get along .
I ain't gonna paint the sun
with the things you should've done .
No one's right and no one's wrong .

But the things you say you're feeling
Lord , you know you never felt
You go smiling on your way ,
you don't need no one to say,
Make it easy on yourself .

Word & Music by Shel Silverstein
Copyright Evil-Eye Music , N.Y 1974